Azzurro Due is proud to be one of the exclusive boutiques in Europe to curate the latest collection of Botier jewelry.

Infinite design with a strong emphasis on fashion and femininity.

Marina Botier drew her inspiration for this jewelry line from her experiences in the fashion industry. When she first presented her rings she had designed for herself to her peers in fashion. The reactions she received were so overwhelmingly positive, the decision to come up with her own line was quickly made. Instantly evolving, she felt there was a need for a change. 

Botier represents the modern woman who likes to treat herself. With a line ranging from rings to pendants and earrings, every woman can see herself wearing Botier.

Botier jewelry is made with the finest gold and diamonds. Each piece is carefully hand-made jewelry aims to be more than an accessory. Botier is e a new generation jewelry line.

BOTIER strongly encourages everyone to believe in themselves. Within is always a powerful individual who is capable of anything. Each jewelry piece is handcrafted and designed with a clear vision of what it represents. Check BOTIER's collection at Azzurro Due for special reveals about the other pieces in the collection.

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