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At Azzurro Due, we are proud to curate a fashion label deeply rooted in the upcycle movement. 1/OFF Paris’ mission is to celebrate the legacy of grand designers by transforming high-end vintage pieces into contemporary manifestations. Each creation they offer is truly one of a kind, carefully sourced and curated from all corners of the world, and reimagined by a team of highly skilled couture makers.

Not designing something new, but reshape the things we already love

With an unwavering respect for the quality and craftsmanship of the original pieces, 1/OFF Paris takes great pride in creating unique and unexpected designs that seamlessly connect the past with the future, blending fun with formality, and bridging the gap between the gutter and the catwalk. We warmly invite you to open your mind and explore the exceptional world of our creations. As we say at Azzurro Due, “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything transforms.”

By (re)thinking garments from iconic fashion houses like YSL, Chanel, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and many more, 1/OFF Paris consider themselves an integral part of the fashion ecosystem. Their mission is to extend the lifespan of these timeless creations by adding individuality and relevance for new generations. Embracing both historical consciousness and open innovation, they firmly believe that creativity lies at the heart of this transformative movement.

Despite the challenges, 1/OFF Paris see an extraordinary opportunity to inspire change across the fashion community. 1/OFF Paris’ collections are curated with utmost care, featuring one-of-a-kind designs that breathe new life into high-end fashion by reinterpreting them into something fresh and contemporary.

1/OFF @ Azzurro Due.

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