Emmanuelle Khanh.

Emmanuelle Khanh imposed her own vision of the future.

Face jewelry, that can be transformed into necklaces for playful and joyful fashion.

When Emmanuelle Khahn founded her fashion house in Paris in 1969, she had a vision of a world on the move. Women's bodies were being liberated, fashion was being democratized and young people were becoming aware of their strength. At the forefront of these changes, the then model revolutionized women's ready-to-wear and accessories, creating a line of glasses with unusual volumes.

In 1971 Emmanuelle launched her first eyewear collection. The became a fashion accessory in its own right, the signature of the daring style, both eccentric and elegant.

Integrating all possible boldness into her creations: rhinestones, enamels, inlaid metal decorations, engravings, furs or skins.

In 2016 Eva Gaumé joined Emmanuelle Khanh as Artistic and Image Director. She draws inspiration from the women of today. In Paris she designs the label's collections: oscillating between tradition and modernity, with respecting the craftmanship and traditions dear to the founder.

In 2017 Madame Khanh died leaving the future generations much more than a style, a militant and daring state of mind and the will to reconcile elegance and strength for women.

At Azzurro Due you'll find a precious, audacious and elegant selection, designed as face jewelry. It can be transformed into necklaces, for playful and joyful fashion.

Emmanuelle Khanh @ Azzurro Due

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