Santi Burgas.

Based on nature and the life of insects, translated into a new way of thinking and acting in the perfumery field. That is Santi Burgas. You can find it Azzurro Due.

The mark of a great perfume is when you can close your eyes and smell it from memory, without even a single spray.

Santi Burgas makes each fragrance the expression of a memory, a reconstruction or a free interpretation.

Santiago Burgas perfumes are so peculiar, as they are based on nature and the life of insects, with particular regard to the behavior of ants. This translates into a new way of thinking and acting in the field of perfumery with exceptional results.

The Santi Burgas brand was born in 2008 in the heart of the Empordà region, in an old storehouse previously used for drying rice but now converted into an alternative and avant-garde world in the field of the Author Perfumery.

The Creative Director of the brand is Santiago Burgas, passionate about the Costa Brava and the animal world. He began to create learning how to sew and to embroider when he was just a child.

His university studies in fashion design laid the foundation for his creative career path, first in fashion design by launching his own designer brand and later, in 2008, he started a new stage of his career entering the world of Author Perfumery, and he created his own company with the desire to translate his artistic inspiration into high quality perfumes and design.

The spirit of Santi Burgas brand is to offer design and innovation. Its sophisticated Eau de Parfum fragrances contain the ingredients of the highest quality to be found on the market. The unique and unexpected formulas are born drop by drop, in his "ant colony”, impregnated with fine aromas, and then produced in Barcelona with high quality essences.

The brand is highly conscious of and committed in protecting the environment and the raw materials used are top quality, sustainable and environment friendly, and we only work with local businesses and products (km 0) and with ISO certified suppliers.


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