Luxury fashion brand, founded by Chitose Abe. Vogue Magazine has cited Sacai as influential in breaking down the dichotomy between casual and formal clothing. Now available at Azzurro Due, Amsterdam.

Distinctive elegance, based on renderings and transformations of basic and classical items.

Sacai was established by Chitose Abe in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan. 

Sacai incorporates the idea of hybridization through juxtapositions of contrasting textures of fabrics, such as knits with super fine wovens and the usage of techniques based on reinterpretations of patterns of the garment, transforming the pieces into unexpected shapes and silhouettes.

While her collections may appear to be about femininity, Abe’s interest is in creating clothes that are entirely unique and timeless, innovative and experimental. To Abe, who is influenced by observing her surroundings and functions of daily life, the Sacai collection has a distinctive elegance that is based on renderings and transformations of basic and classical items. The result is a collection of items that can transition easily between various occasions and is not only reserved for special opportunities. 

The Sacai women’s collection began showing in Paris during Fashion Week since October 2009 and currently both women’s and men’s collections are shown in Paris.

Sacai opened their first flagship store in September 2011 in Minamiaoyama, Tokyo. Abe chose to work with architect, Sou Fujimoto, who is known for his integration of contrary elements such as nature and artifact, the idea of outside and inside, the new and the old in his work, with which she closely identified with. 

Additionally the interiors of all of the Sacai stores are designed by GELCHOP, a collage / DIY artist group, that Sacai has regularly collaborated with. The custom furniture within the store uses a combination of seemingly different materials such as wood from vintage furniture, steel, acrylic, or mirror, and joining them together to create bold, new shapes.

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