Maison Margiela

Azzurro Due is proud to be one of the exclusive boutiques in Europe to curate the latest collection of Maison Margiela.

Deconstructive and avant-garde designs with unconventional materials

Azzurro Due is proud to have added this exciting well-known brand to its curated collection. Maison Margiela, an avant-garde fashion house, made its debut in 1988 under the visionary Belgian designer, Martin Margiela. This Paris-based luxury label is renowned for its experimental, deconstructive designs and its iconic tabi boots.


Margiela's inception in 1988 propelled it swiftly into the world of fashion with its unorthodox designs. The designer is hailed as a contemporary deconstructionist who perceives fashion as an art form, allowing the garments to speak for themselves.


In 2002, Margiela handed over the reins of his fashion empire to the OTB Group, the parent company of renowned brands such as Diesel and Jil Sander. Unexpectedly, in 2009, the designer parted ways with his eponymous label. An in-house, anonymous team of designers continued the founder's legacy until 2014 when John Galliano, the former head designer at Dior, took the helm as the new Creative Director of Maison Margiela.

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Today, Maison Margiela, in tandem with its sibling label MM6, remains steadfast in celebrating its avant-garde heritage and reimagining modern fashion. Furthermore, its collections can be found at exclusive boutiques, such as Azzurro Due, and department stores internationally, ensuring that the legacy of innovation and artistry continues to thrive.


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