Find a series of highly concentrated fragrances at Azzurro Due which allow you to create your own olfactory figure.

Defining ArteProfumi exclusively as a perfume brand is and understatement

The Roman brand ArteProfumi it’s definitely different. Its creators do not like inventing myths, instead turning all their attention to fragrances – and this attitude, in general, earns them the status of niche brand (in the original sense of the term) and respect for professionals.

There are only three people behind the brand – the director Michele Iannone, his sister Mariagrazia and his wife Monica; their background in the field of perfumery originated from two boutiques managed by the parents of Michele and Mariagrazia from the sixties and up to the eighties, leading them in 2013 to the creation of their own line.

Initially, the work of ArteProfumi was to give scent to modern and contemporary art, creating essences to be used as an extra reading tool, organising olfactory paths to achieve a complete sensory experience.

Subsequently, the concept matured that perfume is closely linked to the world of art, whether or not it is combined with the work, as it is capable of evoking that same desire to communicate and transmit emotions that animates the artist.

The result of this work is a series of highly concentrated fragrances: strong, harsh, authoritative, tender, languid, sensual, whose evocative capacity is synthesised in a few phrases, which enclose and give a glimpse of a small enchanted world.

The vision of the world according to ArteProfumi is not linear, it unravels and grows even incoherently, mixing different mono-fragrances to be used together to allow everyone to create their own signature.


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