Azzurro Due | Vivienne Westwood Issues A Call To Arms For FW18
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Vivienne Westwood Issues A Call To Arms For FW18


08 Jan Vivienne Westwood Issues A Call To Arms For FW18

Never one to follow the beaten path, Vivienne Westwood decided to present her FW18 collection today, not during a show of any sort, but in the video below. Now, doing things that no one expects and appeasing millennials’ laziness by allowing them to gaze at the latest collection from the comfort of their couches or beds has very much become the norm so no commendations to Viv there. The way in which she did it and what she presented, however, do earn a small round of applause.

First of all the small piece of fashion history at the bottom of this page was directed by Maria Ziegelboek and is called Don’t Get Killed, a slight hint at the turmoil in which the world find itself today and our ability to do something about it. Calling us to arms if you will, the collection features befitting attire, including camouflage green meltons and bright pink pieces. Notable pieces include a unisex Princess coat made from Harris Tweed.

Image via Vivienne Westwood, video via YouTube.

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