Burberry SS18

Let’s start off with the setting: Old Sessions House in London, Pet Shop Boys blaring in the background and a gaggle of animal rights protesters outside. The latter despite the fact that there was no fur shown in the collection whatsoever. Then there was the collection which could best be described as a preppy, colourful ode to an-and everything good to have come out of Britain to date.  There was an abundance of the classics: trenchcoats, Burberry check in all colours and repurposed military pieces that made the collection on a whole feel less luxe and more punk. Christopher Bailey noted that he aimed to add a “rawness” to the collection, stating “I like the grandeur. This building, I think, represents what we are trying to say in the collection, there’s a little bit of grandeur, but also something that’s a bit broken down with age.” burberry If you ask us, this, along with J.W. Anderson’s presentation, was the most inspiring this season. To see classics, the like of which either chavs or your granny used to wear be reinvented in such an invigorating way is what fashion is all about. It’s the kind of collection that makes you get up in the morning, go through your wardrobe and feel newly inspired. So, breathe new life into your wardrobe and make sure to check out the full collection here. Images via Vogue.    

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