Check Out The Intricate Process Behind Stone Island’s Most Progressive Designs

Stone Island is perhaps one of the most heralded brands to have come out of Italy in the past decades. Most renowned for their progressive technical engineering, their in-house dye archive of over 60.000 colours and innovative fibres and textiles, the brand has been adopted by high-fashion and streetwear fanatics alike.

Recently, Stone Island have released their Prototype Research Series 03 which is the third part of a limited edition collection. These pieces are characterised by an ever higher end process of R&D: a special nylon base jumpsuit made created with a mix of four polyamide based canvas fabrics that are treated with a high-temperature dyeing process that colours and shrinks fabrics from anywhere between 0 and 25%.

Don’t take our word for it though, check out the video below.

Image and video via Hero.

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