David Bowie: His Life on Earth

Perhaps to begin with, it was just a ploy to get people’s attention: dressing not exactly like a woman, but certainly not like any man, or at least not one who telegraphed such raw sex appeal. He wasn’t a drag queen; he was the prince of weird. David Bowie’s style, however, wasn’t a gimmick. He was no Kiss, whose makeup and leather garb became their trademark. But neither was he Lady Gaga or Madonna, always having to reinvent their wardrobes to keep people engaged. Bowie’s style evolved, alongside his music, as part of his quest to explore places he had never been before. By the end of his life, countless people had come under his influence. Fashion designers acknowledged their debt to him, other entertainers credited him with influencing their style, and many unfamous others took to social media to explain how his cool eccentricity had freed them from the fear of being mocked for looking different. Get your copy HERE

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