Edward Enninful’s First British Vogue Issue Keeps Everyone Guessing

The December issue of British Vogue, set to hit the newsstands on November 10th, will be the first with Edward Enniful and his team of contributors at the helm. Although it is uncertain what Enninful and his team, which include Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Steve McQueen, will have up their sleeves, it is certain that they will have to tackle one important issue: the falling circulation numbers. As WWD reports, the first half of this year alone saw circulation drop 1,5% for print and a whopping 25,5% for digital. Enninful’s appointment will, however mark a breath of fresh air on various issues, including the lack of diversity which we reported on earlier this week. In addition, there are also reports that his focus will be more on the arts. On these points, he as quoted saying: “The impact Naomi and Kate have in today’s culture is enormous,” adding that McQueen would bring “an increased depth to the arts within the magazine.” In order the issues with digital, he tackled those head on by adding British Vogue on Snapchat Discover. On Enninful’s appointment, legendary photographer Nick Knight noted: “Edward will bring a very new feel to the magazine, and a clear, demonstrable love of fashion.” He went on to point out Enninful’s passion for imagery, stating: “He works with a wide range of image makers and he really pushes them. He has a broad style, and he likes fantasy. The fashion magazine is there to show people a dream. It’s lost a bit of that purpose and it needs to regain it, and I think Edward will bring that out.”

Let’s just say we can’t wait for the December issue to hit the stands.


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