Get Your Hands On These Vintage Margiela Pieces Via Instagram

Martin Margiela holds a hallowed position in the fashion industry, with many codes and even current designers being attributed in some way to him. His legend is also amplified by the fact that he has never given a proper interview (there is even a lack of images of him) and seemingly out of the blue left the industry all together despite the house still bearing his name. Naturally all pieces that were set forth by him or actually designed under his reign are extremely sought after among fashionistas.

Now we have a bit of news if you’re among the  many who have still to collect their first “real”  Margiela. Operating under the handle @margielacollector is a user that has, for a few days now, been posting mysterious cut-out images of some rare Margiela pieces. These include fur hats from AW97, glove halter-tops from SS01 and printed mesh from SS89. This of course in addition to Tabi boots, duvet coats, detachable sleeves, plastic bag tops and the like.

Click the link above to check out the account and make sure to send over an e-mail to the address in the bio for your chance at one of the pieces.

Images via Instagram.

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