Is Vetements On Its Way Out?

Earlier this weekend, Highsnobiety published a rather interesting article about Vetements. In it, Highsnobiety claimed the there is a slump in the brand’s sales and a lack of interest from a once ferocious fanbase. Testaments to this are heavily discounted collections that just aren’t selling. The claims made in the article were substantiated by  industry insiders, particularly buyers who wished to remain anonymous.

Now, the brand’s CEO and brother of creative director Demna, Guram Gvasalia has released a statement which uses perhaps the most interesting term of the past two years: fake news. On the article, he told WWD: “To the disappointment of all the haters, we would like to declare that Vetements is in the strongest creative and financial state it has ever been. We are definitely not going out of business and the speculations about our sales figures are not only false and defamatory in its nature, but also simply ridiculous.”

To that, Demna himself added via an Instagram post that the article by Highsnobiety is “wannabe journalism based on lies and gossip” and added that his team at the Zurich-based brand is the “strongest it has ever been.”

Whichever is the truth will surely come to light soon.

Image via Dazed.

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