Kaagman & Kortekaas

With new venues popping up everywhere it is hard to keep up and know where to go. Kaagman & Kortekaas, however (officially opening on the first of September), are definitely not your average newcomer. These two guys are well-known professionals in the Amsterdam restaurant scene. At Bordewijk Giel Kaagman served as a chef for seven years, while Bram Kortekaas was one of Bordewijk’s sommeliers. After working alongside each other for 5 years, their paths separated, Kaagman went off to Toscanini and Kortekaas to Rijsel. Yet, the two forged a plan to one day open a restaurant together.  They kept looking until they found the perfect location, just in a small dark alley right in the heart of Amsterdam. Besides ‘a la cart’ they will serve a small daily changing menu with the focus on purely traditional and seasonal dishes. From the charcuterie, the bread, to the after-dinner chocolates, absolutely everything at Kaagman & Kortekaas is homemade (leaving out the occasional knob of butter). Unique products and flavors asks for patience The shelves above the marble workbench in the open kitchen are completely stacked with big glass weck jars. Not to match the charming interior, but to accompany your delicious meals. The pickles are being preserved to join the cold cut meats; the lemon peels are candied to use in desserts; and the sour cherries in brandy will exactly be ready for Christmas. It made me think on how spoiled and accustomed we have become to an all-year-round supply of nearly everything. We live in a fast paced society where we often forget that creating unique products and flavors ask for patience. We seem to have lost the appreciation for harvesting and capturing the moments fruits and vegetables are at their best. I find this striking. Especially considering the fact the harvest is most affordable and nutritious at the height of the growing season. At Kaagman & Kortekaas everything is homemade, which automatically leaves out all preservatives and e-numbers. This may all sound super trendy and quasi-political, but frankly everything just tastes better when you make it yourself. Try and book a table when you can, I’m pretty sure these boys will not let you down…

Article by Bex

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