Karl Lagerfeld Revives The 60’s For Chanel SS18

Always a talking point during PFW, Chanel presented their SS18 collection earlier today. With the healing power of nature and the need for optimism at the core of the collection, Karl Lagerfeld decided to bring the Gorges du Verdon to the Grand Palais. The mood was set good enough for Lagerfeld to state: “The molecules from the water, when you breathe them in, it’s very healthy for you! It’s why you feel good in places like this.” Wether or not it was actually real, the effect sure was there, what with bringing outside scenery in and having it flawlessly morph with the clear plastic pieces so gracefully draped over the models’ bodies. Now, as for the overall feel of the collection, one Vogue reporter dared compare it to the styles that were predominant in the 60’s and 70’s. This, of course, was swiftly denied by Lagerfeld, stating: “You are too young to remember the Sixties. They were never like this! The fabrics then were terrible. There’s not a fabric here which you can buy elsewhere. They’re all made by Chanel, in-house.” True as that may be, we dare go a bit further: some pieces even feel like they were designed with the mindset of what the future would look like in the mind of a 60’s  fashion designer. That’s not to say anything negative about the collection; if anything, it’s rather refreshing. Form your own opinion on the collection here.

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