My Elizabeth by photographer Firooz Zahedi

Firooz Zahedi’s My Elizabeth is a chronicle of the star’s jet-set-era exploits.

she was the quintessential Hollywood movie star. Glamorous, gorgeous—and gifted. Her eyes were the most famous in the world: an unforgettable violet blue. When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, every magazine on every newsstand had Elizabeth Taylor on its cover. Richard Burton was usually by her side—but no one stopped at the newsstand to gawk at him. The couple starred in films together—and broke up marriages together. They fell in and out of love—mostly with each other and had screaming knockdowns on tarmacs around the world. Liz and Dick weren’t just the first wildly glam jet-setters—their life together was the first reality show. By 40, Taylor was an icon. Still enchanting men, she was the first actress to shatter Hollywood’s notoriously thick glass ceiling: for Cleopatra—a film that, ironically, almost bankrupted 20th Century Fox—she was to be paid what was then the astronomical sum of $1 million dollars.
Firooz Zahedi’s spectacular new book, My Elizabeth, has changed all that. Filled with dazzling images and a wealth of intimate detail, this revealing photographic memoir should be on every coffee table.

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