Patrick Demarchelier And Others Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

According to a special report by the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team, the level of sexual harassment and intimidation in the fashion industry is more rampant than previously thought. The report features interviews with over 50 models that make claims of charges ranging from inappropriate comments to rape. The models “made credible allegations of sexual misconduct against at least 25 photographers, agents, stylists, casting directors, and other industry professionals”.

Following accusations in the past that regarded Mario Testino and Bruce Weber, the report also names Patrick Demarchelier, known for his amazing work for Vogue and Louis Vuitton in the past. You may also know that he was at one point Princess Diana’s personal photographer.

The report states that 7 women accused Demarchelier of unwanted sexual advances, including offers of oral sex to underaged models.

Following the allegations, Condé Nast have distanced themselves from the photographer, stating: “We have informed Patrick we will not be working with him for the foreseeable future.”

It should be noted that all the accused, including Demarchelier, have denied the allegations.

Image via Hazine.


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