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Rick Owens Teams Up With Birkenstock

Here’s a little something to wet your appetite: Birkenstock have teamed up with Gonzalez Haase to design an almost futuristic retail space comprised of converted freight containers that can- and will be transported around the globe to exotic locations like Berlin, New York, Milan and now Los Angeles. The whole idea of this being a retail space that is not bound by location, or interior designer for that matter. One of the main components of this project is the fact that the space can be continually be reimagined and Birkenstock have allowed themselves the freedom to chose whomever they please to do so. For their landing in LA, they have selected none other than mister Rick Owens himself to imagine the space with an assortment of his own looks, objects, furniture and accessories. The most important bit of news, however, is the fact that Owens will b releasing a limited edition collection of footwear with Birkenstock (our cristal ball tells us Birkenstocks are coming back this summer…) that consists of four styles that will be made available in four different fabrics. These will include suede, army felt, longhair pony and full grain leather. On the collaboration, which will be available for pre-order on the 1st of March, Owens simply noted: “I like a steady original invested in the long game”. Image via 10.