The Row: Timeless Classics With A Twist Of Modernity

Once most famous for their childhood roles in the likes of Full House and It Takes Two, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been full-fledged fashion icons for about a decade now. In their late teens, the duo became a beacon of inspiration for many fashionistas all over the world with their often outrageous fashion choices. They also became a staple on blogs like Perez Hilton that somewhat mocked their fashion choices throughout the years. It would, however, soon become clear that the twins were just ahead of the curve. In 2006 they went about setting up their own fashion brand, The Row, which was based out of Los Angeles. Although the brand would later move its headquarters to New York City, it maintained its core values, which entailed a strong focus on exceptional fabrics and craftsmanship for their RTW, leather and eyewear collections. In order to guarantee exclusivity of the materials used, as well as quality, all pieces are produced in the USA, with the exception of leather handbags, which are made in Italy. Following this means of production also falls in line with the brand’s vision of local job creation and craft cultivation. Much like the signature style of Mary-Kate and Ashley themselves, the house puts forth collections that consist of timeless pieces, with a slight twist of modernity. In contrast to other, larger fashion houses, The Row produces collections that are based in simplicity; a trait that will be appreciated by those who prefer understated design and elevated basics over opulence. Although the twins have gotten much criticism over their designs and The Row in general, an issue that most celebrities dabbling in fashion deal with, they have managed to rack up an impressive number of prizes: a testament to the strength of their vision and durability of their designs. Take for example the CFDA’s Womenswear Designer of The Year back in 2012, Accessories Designer of The Year in 2014 and a nomination in both of these categories in 2015. Aside from the legitimacy and quality that these prizes attest to, it should be mentioned that what is most admirable about The Row is that its founders, despite their fame, choose to let the brand undergo an organic growth cycle. This, of course, is in stark contrast to the heavy marketing campaigns that other celebrity designers employ to reach the masses. Instead, Mary-Kate and Ashley follow the credo: “If you build it, they will come”, choosing to keep their circle small, and knowing that those who value clean, sleek design will naturally gravitate towards The Row. The FW17 collection from The Row is now available in store at Azzurro Due.

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