Unseen. Jessica Lange

In 1967, Jessica Lange got a scholarship from the University of Minnesota to study photography, but the fickle fancies of student life led her to Spain and to Paris, where she decided to give preference to the dramatic arts rather than her practice behind the lens. It was then that she started her acting career, which led her to become a star in iconic films and to receive two Best Actress Oscars  for her performances in ‘Tootsie’ (1983) and ‘Blue Sky’ (1995). It wouldn’t be until later, in the early 1990s (when Sam Shepard gave her a Leica M6), when Lange would pick up her passion for photography once again. She shot images along her travels: the United States, France, Finland and Italy are among the countries highlighted, though she showed a fondness for Mexico because of its ‘lights and great nights’. This exhibition brings together 134 of Lange’s photos from over the last 20 years, divided into two series: ‘Things I See’ and ‘Mexico, On Scene’. A large part of these photos have never been shown on exhibition before and are seen here for the first time. Until June 28 2015 at Arts Santa Mònica, La Rambla, 7, Barcelona 516feb77449e757

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