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Vetements sneak peek SS 2022

VETEMENTS has been known for its dark colours, chunky cuts and touches of Russian avant-garde a la Gosha Rubchinskiy for the past few seasons. We remember the brand’s collaboration with Star Wars, which made big waves in 2019 an was exclusively sold by Azzurro Due and Four Amsterdam.

In the current collection, too, there is a clear reference to streetwear – there is a lot of work with blazers, suits, jackets or even dresses with large shoulder pads.

The question What is Reality Today? was crucial for this collection. After a year and a half of living in a pandemic where we sit in front of our laptops every day, have video conversations with work colleagues, friends and families and have become streaming champions, reality has changed somewhat and is surrounded by technology. The fashion label also wants to reflect this. Instead of flowers, you find cable patterns, instead of check computer codes.

Whether the reality of life will become more analogue again after the corona pandemic remains to be seen. In any case, VETEMENTS has captured our current state of affairs well with its prints.