Who Made Your Clothes?

Perhaps the biggest disaster in the history of fashion and a true awakening to many fashionistas around the world was the Rana Plaza tragedy, now 5 years ago. To mark this occasion and to kick off Fashion Revolution Week 2018, Fashion Revolution have released a new short film centered around the million dollar question: who made my clothes?

The film was directed by MJ Delaney and produced by Futerra (an organisation focused on sustainable fashion) in the hopes of opening the eyes of consumers to the complexities and the toll the supply chain often takes on those producing the clothes we chose to disregard so easily.

In an interview with Dazed, Delaney noted: “It’s about re-examining our relationship with trends. We’re surrounded by the media telling us we need to have an entirely new wardrobe with each passing season, but for most of us it’s not affordable to do that ethically. When thinking about our shopping habits, and how much it costs to follow the latest trends, we need to be more conscious about where we’re shopping, what we’re buying, and who was involved in the production of the garment. Buy quality, buy less. It’s about shopping clever.”

Check out the film below.

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