Why the Peanuts Gang should be your new style icons

Who can deny the power of a signature look? Beyond just cultivating a trademark, there is, of course, the utilitarian aspect—fumbling through your morning routine is a hell of a lot easier when you’ve got a uniform to fall back on. Case in point: the Peanuts gang, who sprang out of the mind of Charles M. Schulz to life in the comics and fame globally. Long before Wes Anderson’s protagonists brooded their way through films in unchanging getups, Schulz’s characters appeared week after week in their signature looks. Though chances are the years have dulled your memories of the specifics, you’d be hard-pressed to forget their high-impact ensembles: Lucy’s high-necked blue frock (you might mistake it for a number straight off of Alessandro Michele’s latest Gucci runway), Peppermint Patty’s borrowed-from-the-boys green button-down, and, of course, Snoopy, who knew the graphic power of head-to-toe black-and-white and a great accent color (Woodstock, natch). Their fashion cred is well documented, too—past collaborators include Coach and Vans. They’ll all take to the big screen this Friday, when The Peanuts Movie opens in theaters nationally.

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