Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait

Amy Winehouse, one of the most successful performers of recent decades, will take centre stage at the Jewish Historical Museum. Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait is a personal and intimate exhibition, curated by Amy’s brother Alex Winehouse and the Jewish Museum in London. The exhibition has attracted many visitors in London, Tel Aviv, Vienna, and San Francisco. The exhibition emphasizes Amy’s passion for music and fashion, as well as the history of her Jewish family and her school days. It also focuses on London, especially Camden Town, where she lived for many years. Visitors will discover a little-known side of Amy: her life as a teenager and young woman, before the overwhelming media attention and sensationalism that played a fateful role in her life. The Winehouse family offered access to many of Amy’s personal belongings for this exhibition, and the accompanying stories by Alex make the experience even more intimate. Visitors will see childhood photographs, a video of a school performance, her tap shoes and favourite guitar, her record collection and a selection of the dresses in which she performed. The exhibition will also include portrait photographs of Amy, as well as the Grammy Award she received after her death in 2011. Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait goes beyond the hype, showing visitors Amy as she was in her private life. In the words of Alex Winehouse, ‘Amy was someone who was incredibly proud of her Jewish‐London roots. We weren’t religious, but we were traditional. I hope that the world gets to see this other side not just to Amy, but to our typical Jewish family.’ Related programming will include a writing competition for schoolchildren (based on a composition by Amy that is included in the exhibition), a recreation of a small portion of London’s trendy Camden Market area, and a showing of the BBC documentary Amy Winehouse: The Day She Came to Dingle (2006). Runs through September 4, 2016 at Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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