Chanel Launch Swim And Ski Collections

If you’ve ever been skiing, or even been to the beach for that matter, you’ve probably noticed the extreme lack in fashionable apparel geared towards these activities. Apparently, you’re not the only one, as Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel are launching Coco Beach and Coco Neige this summer. Aside from proving his aptitude at discovering market opportunities, these collections are a testament to herr Lagerfeld’s energy as these will add to the 6 collections the oversees annually.

Commenting on the latest development, Chanel’s Bruno Pavlovsky noted: “We have around 30 stores in seaside locations, and during the months of June and July, when towns such as Cannes, Nice, Capri, Barcelona and [cities in] Florida are incredibly busy, the stores are carrying winter collections.” Hopefully this means the end of such oddities!

Image via Dazed.

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