Chengdu Is Home To A Café Inspired By Wes Anderson

If you, just like us, are enamoured with the style and design in Wes Anderson movies, you will love The Budapest Café in Chengdu. It was designed by Melbourne-based studio Biasol using the work of the Hollywood writer and director as a base. The result is a playful, almost dreamlike space with amazingly soft tones of granite and pink, mixed in with warming emerald-green.

Another interesting feature, well loved by Anderson, is the strong focus on geometric shapes which are accented in the arches and stairways.

As for what’s on the menu: soda’s, pastries and hot chocolate; a true Moonrise Kingdome ;).

Make sure to visit the cafe on Erhuan East Road during your next trip to Chengdu.

Image via Wallpaper.

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