Christopher Kane SS18

This afternoon, early in the evening actually, Christopher Kane unleashed his SS18 collection on the fashion world. We should start by stating that for the most part, the collection looked all over the place with little or no theme to be found, even if you were looking with a magnifying glass. There were dresses that looked inspired by bin bags (you know, the ones with the draw cord), while others looked inspired by The Princess Diaries (you know, starring Anne Hathaway). Then there were numbers that looked like evolved tracksuits that Lizzy McGuire might wear today and oversized knitted pieces that looked like someone’s granny had a whole lot of spare time. That’s the bad bit. The good bit is that there were also a number of refreshing pieces in the collection. Take for example the beautifully detailed chiffon coat, featuring details of pink zips and complete with matching purse covers (for lack of a better word). There were also beautiful plaid coats (although we have seen those on quite a few runways this season) and sheer tops, skirts and dresses that were clearly inspired by some indigenous tribe. In our opinion, these were impressive enough to drown out the noise of the messy bits in between. Check out the collection below and form your own opinion. Image by Kim Weston Arnold, video via Vogue.

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