Fascinating Simplicity In A.W.A.KE. SS18

Simplicity is rife with beauty, it need only be shaped and moulded to perfection. This is what Natalia Alaverdian set out to prove during her debut runway collection in London, and she succeeded. The collection featured strong draping mixed in with deconstructed tailoring. The depth of layering also added to the  mystery of each look, making the whole thing all the more fascinating. Aside from the layering, tailoring and draping, another feature that makes the collection captivating is its use of colour. Or shall we say the way in which they are mixed? It is fair to say that none of the above traits of the collection are novel and in no way make it groundbreaking. But perhaps it is Alaverdian complete focus on her own aesthetic. Marching to the beat of your own drum, and doing so confidently, is always a win in our book. Kudos, by the way, fur pulling off the pilgrim straw hats. Additional points, also, for making certain pieces work amazingly. Check out the full collection here. Image by Yannis Vlamos.

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