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iris Iris van Herpen Set at the Galerie de Minérologie et de Géologie was a true masterclass in haute couture with Iris van Herpen as the master of science. Her latest collection, entitled “Ludi Nature” was inspired by, you guessed it, nature and once again showed her immense skill at defying all that we consider to be in the realm of fashion. Techniques featured included leather and liquid fabric bonded to Mylar as an interlocking feature. On the train of though behind the collection, van Herpen told Vogue: “I think we as humans don’t even come close to the intelligence within nature. It’s funny how people think that nature is simple and technology is complex—it’s the opposite; technology is simple and nature is complex.” Check out the full collection here. off white Off-White Perhaps a more a testament to his cunning rather than his skills as a fashion designer, Virgil Abloh’s pre-fall 2018 collection can be considered truly appealing for all market segments. Speaking purely in terms of marketability of course. The collection includes pieces that mold the traditional and the more modern aspects of design, the latter of which we have become accustomed to in Off-White’s collections. Houndstooth patterns are effortlessly bonded with sleek colours and fabrics to make a range that feels as modern as it does classic. In laymen’s terms, many of these pieces would look as good on your nanny as they would on your hot girlfriend. Check out the full collection here. chanel Chanel And yes, of course, there was Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld taking things back to the realm of what we might consider normal in our universe and presenting the collection in a decadent yet classic French garden setting. He noted: “I’m not a marketing person; I don’t know what I’m doing in a way—it’s just a feeling.” Be that as it may, the collection featured all we have become accustomed to in a Chanel show, without it ever becoming boring of course. We saw pastel varieties of Chanel tweeds, chiffon dresses, and eveningwear; the latter of which included metallic minidresses, veiled with a covering of chiffon to the ground. See the full collection here.

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