Gucci FW18: World Of Wonder

Gucci presented their out-of-this-world FW18 collection yesterday and, as usual, there was ample styling inspiration on display. Assuming, that is, that you’re part of the 98,7% of the world’s population that don’t actually have the funds required to purchase the best pieces out of the collection.


The level of exquisiteness started with the invites: small timers counting down the minutes to the show. These arrived in ziploc bags with the warning: “Parental Advisory, Explicit Content.” Then there was the venue that hosted the show: done up like an operating room, with operating table and all.


Then, of course, there was the collection itself which was rife with colour, structure and imagination. From what we saw, it became clear that Alessandro Michele’s inspiration’s don’t just come from the world of fashion or references to it, he looks beyond: even into the realm of magic and dragons.


We were particularly intrigued by the alien-like headpices, the headdresses that looked clearly inspired by hijabs and the all-round interplay of colours and fabrics. This, of course is something we have become accustomed to under Michele’s reign, but it has to be noted how incredible it is that he manages to wow his audience again and again.

Check out all the looks here.

All images via Instagram.

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