LCF And Kering Launch Fashion & Sustainability Course

A bit of news that truly deserves some applause is the latest initiative by Kering and London College of Fashion. The two institutions have launched the world’s first open-access digital course in luxury fashion and sustainability; something that is more than necessary in today’s fast-fashion obsessed world. The project is called “Fashion & Sustainability: Understanding luxury Fashion in a Changing World” and aims to make those studying fashion more conscious of the industry’s effects, as well as stimulating sustainable practices in general.

To make this rather difficult concept more graspable, the course has been split up in six modules, among which: Why Sustainability Matters in Fashion, Contextualising Sustainability for a Changing World, Sustainable Sourcing for Luxury Fashion, and Informed Decision-Making. The entire course spans six weeks with a total of 18 contact hours. Sign up here today!

Image via Frances Corner.

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