Miu Miu Present “Hello Apartment”, Directed By Dakota Fanning

A while ago, Miu Miu strted their “Women’s Tales” initiative, which is a short-film project curated by female directors. The idea of the project is basically a celebration of femininity in the new age and now the latest instalment has arrived. Directed by Dakota Fanning (and marking her directorial debut) and written by Liz Hannah, “Hello Apartment” explores the life of a young woman, interestingly enough through the eyes of her apartment. In this sense, the apartment does not merely serve as a point of perspective, but more so a canvas on which the young woman’s life is projected.

This is of course an interesting take on life, as the spaces we inhabit, enter and leave are basically all intricate parts of our lives or perhaps even the stages on which we perform our parts. Have a look below and be dazzled.

Image still of Hello Apartment.

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