Helmut Lang Launches Dating-App Inspired Campaign

If you’re single and ready to mingle but are having a hard time channeling through the maze of options at your discretion, you might turn to one of the many dating apps available. From Tinder to Bumble, you can have your pick from millions of potential lovers all over the world. Never one to let the people down, Helmut Lang has decided to enter the playing field with a new series of personal ads on Intagram.

The series consists of images of 12 NY singles of all ages, each modelling the brand’s new pre-fall collection. In order to give it the real feeling, each photo is enriched with personal information, including names, interests and age. Apparently this is all 100% real and should you be interested, you can reply to LOVE@HELMUTLANG.COM. Leave it to Helmut to link of the potential suitors.

Images via Hero.

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