Janelle Monaé Releases The Video For Her New Single, “PYNK”

Fresh off her latest album, Dirty Computer, comes Janelle Monaé’s latest single “PYNK” featuring Grimes. The single can best be described as an amalgamation of guitar riffs, funky rhythms Grimes’ gentle digital bleeps. The main theme of the song tackles the equality between men and women which has been something of a hot topic recently. Not that that should be any reason for Monaé to employ the theme.

Perhaps most impressive about the new release is the video, which features Monaé and her back-up dancers in David Bowie-style trousers shaped like a vagina. The video was directed by a young, up-and-comer from the Netherlands: Emma Westenberg.

Check out the new video below.

Image still from PYNK.

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