Keith Haring’s “Untitled (FDR NY)” Is Once More On Public Display

Back in 1984, Keith Haring unveiled a piece called “Untitled (FDR NY)” which stretched along a fence on NYC’s FDR Drive. The piece consisted of over 30 panels featuring breakdancing outlines and two figures riding a giant dog and another with a TV as a head. In 1985, the impressive art piece was dispersed but it is once more on display until the end of the month on Canal street.

According to many in the art world, this is perhaps one of Haring’s most significant, as it bridged the gap between the artworld and the streets. Taking into account the fact that Haring wanted his art to be available for all to see, the piece will go on display outside, rather than in the confines of a gallery. “If I only made paintings in a gallery, I would probably be frustrated,” Haring once said.

If you happen to be in NYC, make sure to check it our before the 30th of April.

Image via Dazed.


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