John Galliano Ditches Fur, Becomes A Vegetarian

With fur, or rather the act of “dropping” it becoming much of a hot topic right now, a lot of high-profile designers have decided to jump on the bandwagon. Recently, Gucci, Versace and Tom Ford have all announced never to use it again. Today, we can add another name to that list: John Galliano.

Apparently, Galliano changed his mind while taking a dip in the sea with non other than Penelope Cruz. He noted: “Today we don’t want a product, we want ethics, a firm that defends the values that we admire.” In addition to this, Galliano decided to one-up other designers by also becoming a vegetarian. “My life is more balanced,” he said. “The pressure in the fashion industry is the same, but now I know how to step away and meditate, and my life has gone from black to white.”

Image via BoF.

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