Marina Abramović Announces New Art Piece

Marina Abramović has announced a new art piece which is set to take place at the Royal Academy Of Arts in London in 2020. It consists of the artist being electrified with millions of volts with the intent of extinguishing a candle by pointing at it. The piece is being developed with Factum Arte and is inspired by a 19th century method of Kirlian photography.

“If you are charged up properly, the stream of electricity coming from your fingers will put out a candle a metre away from you,” Factum Arte’s Adam Lowe explained, continuing: “We are not reckless or cavalier with the technology. Her performances are highly extreme. Many of the things she has done are far more dangerous.”

Abramović is no stranger to controversial art pieces which are mainly aimed at testing her physical and mental endurance. Examples of these are “Rhythm 5” where she almost suffocated in the flames, and “Rhythm 0” where an audience member held a loaded gun to her head.

Image via The Verge.

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