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LOEWE Collaborate With Anthea Hamilton On Tate Installation

Anthea Hamilton recently unveiled her latest installation, entitled The Squash, for the annual Tate Britain Commission. The piece consists of over 7000 white tiles and spans the entire length of Duveen galleries so to say that it is somewhat overwhelming is a bit of an understatement. Also part of the installation is a series of monoliths which are actually part of the Tate’s permanent collection.

Now if all of this seems pretty exciting, then you’ll be baffled by what the installation actually is: a stage for a six-month performance of a character, dressed in a series of vibrant costumes designed with Loewe’s J.W. Anderson. Performers choose their costume depending on their chosen interpretation. This means the outfits become anthropomorphic quality as they inhabit Anthea’s installation.

Images via 10.