Marilyn Manson Releases New Video Starring Courtney Love

About two decades ago, he was considered every parent’s worst nightmare, but thanks to up-and-coming artists like Lil’ Uzi Vert, Marilyn Manson has become more of a cult icon. Yesterday, he released the video for one of his latest singles, entitled “Tattooed in Reverse”. What makes this video, directed by Bill Yukich, particularly exciting (despite its twisted nature) is the fact that it features high-profile cameos from Lisa-Marie Presley and Courtney Love.

A bit of the synopsis: Love plays a nurse who is tasked with taking care of a wheelchair-bound Manson. Make sure to catch Manson if you-re in the US this summer as he’ll be co-headlining the “Twins Of Evil”  tour with Rob Zombie.


Image via PPCorn.

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