Mary Katrantzou Presents Interior Lives Collection

On Sunday, Mary Katrantzou presented her latest collection at her place of education: Central Saint Martin’s. The collection, called ‘Interior Lives’ was shown in the university’s entrance hall to ‘Just my Imagination’ by The Cranberries. Very befitting to the title of the collection, the entire show was styles with large blocks that mostly resembled the interior of a bathroom.

The collection featured obvious references to the aesthetics of Bauhaus and more directly to the interiors of stately homes through fabrics that were reminiscent of rich tapestries and even Chesterfields. The amalgamation of these elements makes for a collection that is very luxurious and not to versatile due to that same trait.

That being said, the collection is something that is needed, even if it were merely to show off what fashion design is still capable off. Just look at all the intricate patterns and the interplay of colours throughout the collection.

See the full collection here.

Image by Yannis Vlamos, via Vogue.

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