Palais Galleria Opens Exclusive Margiela Exhibition

This weekend saw the opening of an exhibition dedicated to Martin Margiela at the Palais Galleria in Paris. What makes this exhibition particularly special is the fact that it was actually has the Belgian designer who worked on along with curator Alexandre Samson, despite his virtual seclusion since 2008 and his elusiveness throughout his career. The designer’s hand can be seen throughout the exhibition; especially in its layout which makes it look deliberately unfinished.

For avid fans of the fashion house, the exhibition is a true wonderland, with pieces from his earliest to his last collection being arranged chronologically. This, of course, means that the SS89 Tabi boots (the ones that were shown dripped in red paint) are at the beginning of the storyline. It also means that the AW94 “doll inspired” collection and the SS96 Trompe L’oeil pieces (which featured photographs of existing garments) are up in display.

The whole exhibition might even lead you to start your own “Diet Prada” page as it becomes clear just how often Margiela has “inspired” other designers.

Make sure to check out the exhibition on display now.

Image courtesy of Palais Galleria via Dazed.

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