See The Devastating Effect Of Human Consumption On Our Planet In Wilson Oreyama’s “Boxing Day Blues”

Wilson Oreyama might not be a name you’re failiar with, but the London-based model/ artist/ poet has made it his mission to create awareness among his peers regarding the effects of human consumption on our planet. He recently released his book “Wait” that tackles effects of human consumption on the planet through short stories and poems. The main question being posed, “What is the problem with our consumption?”, is probably one that many of us have asked ourselves and have yet to find answers for.

In an attempt to give his message more traction and perhaps following the premise of “a picture speaks a thousand words”, Oreyama released his short film, “Boxing Day Blues”. The follows the mindless consumption that we set out on during the holuday season and brings into perspective the effect his has on our planet. Even more so, it makes it clear that most of this consumption is useless as most of that which we acquire and that which takes a heavy toll on our planet is subsequently discarded and destroyed.

Have a look at the film below and make sure to consume more consciously.

Image still from Boxing Day Blues.

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