The Week In Review

Now there are plenty of things that took place last week that are worth pondering and writing about. The current fashion climate is, of course heavily influenced by the men’s collections being presented all over, and that is where we would like to start. There have been a lot of presentations over the past few weeks and, as usual there were several that were downright inspiring and others that left us wondering: “why?” raf Vetements X Raf Simons By Off-White, image via Vogue. One of these dubious collections, in our opinion, was that of Off White. Let us start off by noting that we are and always have been fans of Virgil Abloh and consider many of the codes that he put forth to be revolutionary in bringing together the worlds of streetwear and high fashion. We were particularly impressed with his collections of the past two seasons, which is why we are somewhat baffled by the uninspired and dare we say copied menswear collection he presented a few days ago. raf Vetements by Off-White, image via Vogue. The collection was rife with clear references to brands like Y/Project, Raf Simons and Vetements. Now, clear similarities like this are, of course amplified in modern culture by Instagram accounts such as Diet Prada, which leaves us wondering why someone who is known as an originator would go about presenting a collection of this sort. Perhaps he should tone down the number of collaborations and focus his energy on what he used to be good at (just look at the images of him appearing on the runway post-show). The latter bit of advice also applies to maintaining your brand value by the way Virg;). Then there was Kim Jones leaving Louis Vuitton. Something that was presented in the news as if Karl Lagerfeld had decided to retire from fashion. Let’s be honest: Kim Jones was a good creative director while it lasted, but we’re sure his run (that mostly included appropriation of pop-culture and streetwear influences) was coming to a creative end. With the end of streetwear’s popularity in sight, we’re sure the big wigs over at LVMH decided it was time for a change of direction, perhaps towards something truly revolutionary. Cover image via Fashionista.

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