Victoria Beckham Presents An Impressive Departure From Tailoring

Yesterday, the living legend that is Victoria Beckham presented her most recent collection at the James Burden Mansion on East 91st Street in New York. On the concept behind the show, Beckham noted: “I want you to be able to see the details, and to hear them.” We can add to that that we more then felt the collection.

What became most apparent is that the designer decided to appel to the current trends in the marker that lean towards wearability and functionality. This was most apparent in her departure form her traditional tailoring focused pieces towards more body-hugging jersey pieces. The body-hugging bit was facilitated by clever and stylish use of belts throughout the collection, with only some pieces downright reminding us of sleepwear.

Check out some behind the scenes imagery courtesy of Vogue below and make sure to check out the collection here.

Image and video via Vogue.

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